Thursday, March 3, 2011

My dad has many layers.

 My dad is very big on respecting the elders. I look at the way my kids react to us even as tough as I am on them and think, "I would have never said that or done that to my parents". There was one memory that I laugh at hysterically. My parents owned a full-service beauty salon and my mom worked most Saturdays so my dad had us for the day. He took us flying in airplanes (he has a pilot's license), out on the boat, McDonald's for pony rides, and then any sports we were in to. Our family was blessed. I won't say we were rich, but we were blessed. One Saturday, before debit cards, all my dad had was a $100 bill and it was lunch time. We went in to 3 different fast food restaurants and no one would take it. We finally went to Burger King and they said no too. Well my dad, instead of weaving all the way back through the line maze, he was going to unclip the chain to get out. A little boy stepped in front of him, grabbed the clip and told him "You can't go through here". Dad said "Excuse me" and tried to go through. He told my dad again, "You can't go through here". Dad tried to be nice and said it again. The Boy said it a 3rd time. Me and my sister cringed because we knew you just don't do that. In a loud thunder voice and Big bulging eyes he saids "MOVE!" That little boy ran back to his table. So funny! We ended up going to the grocery store and loaded up on junk. You would have to know my dad to understand how funny that story is.
My dad was a very hard worker. Now he works hard at retirement. lol. He likes to play pranks on his siblings. The older he gets, the mushier he gets. Bob always calls me in the other room and says "He hugged me again." It's a funny site because Bob is 6'2" and my dad is 5'9". I am blessed to have such a great father. Not many can say they have that.

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