Thursday, February 10, 2011

A little more on mom.

I can't sum up one person in a paragraph, so I am going to continue on this victim and then just jump around to others. 
Some of you have said she has energy. Did you know that she and her twin sister were born with a very rare kidney and liver disease? She is famous in the medical world too. She has not always had this energy. I never noticed because I was always around her, but others said up until she had her transplant that she looked yellow. Usually by 1 p.m. she was in bed taking a nap because there was no energy left. She was in the hospital a lot with kidney infections or kidney stones. Never blamed God or said "why me". She used to have to give herself shots! That is tough in my book. She was on a list for a transplant and received the liver and kidney of a 16 year-old boy. Since then her hair is thicker than it has ever been. Her nails are strong and long, and very pretty. She has tones of energy now. God is good. He can take someone who has been weak and make them strong. It wasn't just the doctors. God put great people in our family to make it possible for her to be taken care of from the best of the best doctors in the world.