Monday, February 14, 2011

My Love

It is only fitting that I talk about my hubby today. I had the luxury of observing my husband, Bob, from a distance before we started dating. We worked together, then became friends and finally dated. We worked in a service department in a big dealership in Florida. One day I was walking through the shop on his lunch break and noticed him reading a book. I have never seen a man reading a book for his own enjoyment before. We became good friends before starting a relationship, and he was just so stinkin easy to talk to. Well one day my car broke down, and I couldn't afford to have one more thing done to it. I didn't know who else to call but him. He moved in for the kill. He made a deal with me and said that if I take Him out to dinner, he would fix my car for me. Smart man!! I agreed and the rest is history.
I have never known another man like him. He is my opposite, and thank God for that. I love watching him with our girls. He has no problem with putting on jewelery and a crown to make them happy. Have you ever met a man that will make breakfast on the weekend? I have that man!!! He has spoiled us in that regard. He lets me run with my crazy ideas and is there when they don't work out the way I thought. I have not found anything that he isn't good at. Integrity. Character. Loyalty. These are just some of his amazing qualities. I am truly blessed to have him to grow old with. 


  1. I'm so happy for you both that you found each other. :)

  2. I knew from the beginning he is a good man and would be the perfect match for you! Praise Godd for Godly, Good men! Love you both, Mom XOXOXOXOXOXO